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I’m old, sedentary and slouch a lot – will sitting less help me live longer?

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2019/01/21 17:17

Everyone knows that he/she is sitting too much in front of his/her computer everyday. And this brings a lot of side effect such as cervical vertebrae syndrome, or we call it simply, shoulder and spinal cord disease. Now, even some much critical claims appears such as "sitting too much is causing early death". Whether it is a rumon or a proven truth, it is a time to start stand during working. This introduces a newly invented product - standing desk. It might be new and wierd stuff for most of us, but actually it has already become a lot of white collars or office workers' partner. A lot of companies, especially those big tech companies, such as Google, Facebook, and so on are replacing standing desks for their employees to provide them better working environment and of course, healthier mean of working. Their employees claimed that by using height adjsutable workstations, they are getting less tired and more engaged. They also said using height adjustable desks efftively reduce the time of sitting by about 1 hour each day. This is a lot for a month, a year, and of course a lifetime if you could calculate. 



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